Why is Paper Handbag digging so much less popular than Paper Handbag carrying a rope?

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There are many kinds of Paper Handbag, which can be divided into carrying Paper Handbag with rope and digging Paper Handbag according to different shape of the hand. A Paper Handbag with a string is, as the name suggests, a Paper Handbag with a string. A Paper Handbag that gouges does not have a hand string attached to it, but rather a Paper Handbag that 'gouges' its fingers through. After investigation, it is found that currently, among the customers who customize Paper Handbag, the friends who customize holding Paper Handbag with lifting rope are far more than those who Handbag with cutting.

First, the gouging Paper Handbag has a single shape and lacks aesthetic feeling. A Paper Handbag with a lifting rope can achieve different marketing effects through different design forms. Since it carries Paper Handbag with a rope, the material of the rope can be selected in many ways. The way of fixing the bag can also be perforated and tied, the way of wearing airplane buckle, the way of gluing, the length of the handle can also be changed, and the details such as stitching and air holes can be handled. Different handling methods can create a completely different feeling of Paper Handbag. There is relatively little room for creativity in this Paper Handbag.

Second, in terms of gravity, a customized Paper Handbag with a rope is more tolerable, while a gouged Paper Handbag is designed to support its weight entirely on paper, which causes tension dispersion and makes the item crack easily if it is too heavy.

Third, there are not many materials suitable for cutting. Not all Paper Handbag is suitable for carving. At present, Kraft Paper Handbag is the most suitable for carving. Other paper, such as copperplate paper, is not suitable for picking because the paper is soft. This in turn limits the customization of the gouged Paper Handbag in terms of material.

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