How to maintain walnut wood flooring

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Walnut wood flooring has become a popular flooring in recent years. Many families like to install walnut wood flooring during decoration. What about the maintenance of walnut wood flooring? What are the advantages of walnut wood flooring?

1. Advantages of walnut wood flooring

walnut flooring is wood stable, easy to dry and has a very low shrinkage rate, so the finished walnut wood flooring has strong stability and is not prone to floor deformation, expansion and cracking even with changing climate.

walnut wood floor not only string section has beautiful mountain grain, there are other trees do not have curves, waves and swirls, and small nail size "bird peck mark" needle knot, in the enbelt black gray strip or ribbon pattern, at a glance feeling myriad, pleasing to the eye, noble and beautiful.

2. How to maintain walnut wood flooring

In the daily cleaning, you can first use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and then use a soft cloth dipped in special detergent or saponin diluent for cleaning. For large area cleaning, can be sprayer or rotary cleaning machine. For natural lacquer wood flooring, water is not good for it, cleaning to minimize excess water, scrub must be dry cloth. Stains that cannot be removed with water can be removed with a soft cloth dipped in low concentration alcohol or a little white wine.

Regular anti-fouling. Every two or three months, you can apply floor wax to the floor. Before waxing, dust should be removed first, and then use a clean non-shedding fine soft rag dipped in wax, starting from one edge of the floor, in turn on the surface of the board to do a circular wipe. To be evenly wiped again, and then use the original rag (no longer dipped in wax) from the edge of the original wipe, according to the above method in turn wipe again. Waxed floor surface, not only clean and shiny, brand new, but also can play the role of protecting paint film, delay aging. walnut wood flooring should be regularly maintained and cleaned in daily life to extend the service life of the flooring.

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