Standard size for Shackles

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Usually, Shackles and corresponding screws of the same size can only be used together because of their different internal specifications. A frequent accessory used by Shackles is the external threaded posts, which are used together to lift a variety of equipment such as heavy equipment such as molds, motors and chassis.

Shackles are manufactured to JB/T7382. In this standard, the inner thread specification of Shackles is specified as M8-M100*6.Shackles' production standard also refers to other firmware production standards, such as fastener acceptance standard, marking standard and packaging standard GB90. Standard GB196 for universal thread.

The diameter of Shackles is 1mm-600mm. In this range, the tolerances of the ordinary threads of Shackles and the production standard of GB197 stipulate that ring nuts should only be in the range of 1mm-355mm in diameter, i.e., the GB test method for Rockwell hardness. 230, Standard GB699 for the production of high-quality carbon structural steel, Standard GB1237 for the production of fastener marking method.

According to the production standard of Shackles, we can understand that the lifting weight of A1Shackles is 8KG or standard screws. At the same time, the minimum length of a bolt or stud is 0.81D. In order to avoid failure of Shackles, the standard also specifies a bolt or stud when Shackles are overloaded.

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