Stainless Steel Round Waterless Chafer

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Sunnex All New Stainless Steel Round Waterless Buffet Chafer is a high-quality buffet chafer. Sunnex has focused on buffet chafers for several years.Sunnex's New Technology Upgrade: Precision Temperature Control OLED Display Luxury Stainless Steel Waterless Buffet Chafer is applicable to different scenarios: buffet, family dinner, etc.Sunnex's All-New Stainless Steel Waterless Buffet Chaff strengthens the exterior frame design, uses new fan heat dissipation, installs a thermal insulation layer, and has a touch-button OLED display.

The Features of Stainless Steel Round Waterless Chafer 

High quality

Waterless Chafer offers more convenience.

15 minute initial heating times

400W–476W power consumption is more energy-efficient

304 stainless steel food pan and cover

New mirror finishing with stainless steel glass cover

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