Jumbo Crayon Set

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Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd is located in Ningbo and one of the famous export enterprises in Zhejiang. Throughout the years development,the company gained strong momentum in R&D,manufacturing and sales.Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd integrates manufacturing and international trade and is dedicated to design, research and development of watercolor, solid watercolor, semi moist watercolor, metallic watercolor, crayon and paint brush, providing consumers with high-quality, price-competitive trend products and attentive service.

Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd  has grown and expanded itself as a leading brand in the watercolor industry in China,devoted itself to creating a art supply brand suitable for more than 3years old people.with good quality,excellent service and social responsibility awareness,more than millions of people are using Changxiang watercolor Products for art exams and developing hobbies.The products watercolors are sold more than 100 countries such as The USA,Chile,Brazil,Argentina,The UK,Germany,Poland,Spain,France,Russia,Australia,Thailand,Japan,Singapore,and so on. 

Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd is strictly follow ISO9000 system,and produces a variety of watercolor products developed with a dedication to quality,all products are non-toxic,solvent free and confirms to European EN71 and American ASTM D4236 standards.

Jumbo Crayon set is a set of 12 oversized crayons that provide long lasting fun while serving as a tool for early development. The crayons are designed to give children the opportunity to express their inner artist while developing fine motor skills and imagination.

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