Steel Rule Auto Bender

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(ABM-A8142)2PT 3PT 4PT Steel Rule Auto Bender included functions:Bending,Bridge,Lipping and Cutting. Supported steel rule thickness 2pt ,3pt,4pt, height 23.80-60mm. China Adewo has two factories in China,specializing in developing and manufacturing die cutting equipments including CNC Laser Cutting Machine,Automatic Bender Machine, Creasing Cutting Machine and so on in Packaging Industry.


1.Multi-Functions:(ABM-A8142)2PT 3PT 4PT Steel Rule Auto Bender with Fast and Accurate Bending, Multi-Bridging,Pneumatic Lipping, Cutting.

2.This (ABM-A8142)2PT 3PT 4PT Steel Rule Auto Bender uses a Panasonic Servo motor system and a high-precision ball-screw guide feeding system.

3.Smart software and easy-to-operate, multi-language operations;

4. Save production time and make die making easy with the (ABM-A8142)2PT 3PT 4PT Steel Rule Auto Bender.

5.This (ABM-A8142)2PT 3PT 4PT Steel Rule Auto Bender apply to various kinds of mold processing, such as corrugated dies,stripping dies,rotary dies etc.

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