The Brief Introduction to Semi-Automatic Coordinate Measuring Machine

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This China hot-sale Semi-Automatic coordinate measuring machine can meet many measuring needs by matching various scanning and trigger probes, resulting in a concise, rapid, and efficient measuring system with high precision. Besides the competitive price of the Travel 800*1000*600mm semi-automatic coordinate measuring machine, it also maintains stable quality. By using an advanced design concept, stable materials and processes, as well as the controlling system, measuring probe, and sensor from Renishaw, which are the best in the industry, the Travel 800*1000*600mm semi-automatic coordinate measuring machine ensures the dynamic performance and measurement accuracy of the machine. 

Keystone is a subsidy of Zenzon Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd., established in Kunshan in 2013. The HQ Zenzon, established in 2001, is a professional distributor of many world-famous brands in the measuring industry. After years of experience and technical accumulation, the company decided to build its own equipment, so Keystone was born. Keystone has been highly focused on precise and high-resolution measuring equipment and is a leading supplier of varieties of measuring systems or devices such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical, vision, or video measuring machines (OMM or VMM), video microscopes (CCD), customized automation equipment solutions, and fixtures in China.

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